In light of the great fire in Israel's history I decided to do a special post.
42 people perished in this fire.
15000 people were evacuated from their homes.
My heart goes out to all families of the victims and to all the evacuees .
Israel is still waiting for the miracle of Hanukkah to save her.
This is a day of national mourning.
I live in southern Israel when the fire is burning in the north, I feel so miserable when on the other side of the country consumes a huge fire raging in people live's.
This is the way the world is, when the biggest disasters happen because of the natue.
Photos are taken by Meir Azulay.


TOPCOAT said...

May they RIP, zichonm levracha.
This is so sad, I also am in the south of Israel and I feel terribly.
Thank you so much for sharing! xx

Maryjane said...

These tragedies are really awful. It's a refreshing reminder to be grateful everyday for life, love and family. Thank you for sharing.

Maryjane xoxo