T-shirt- Banton, skirt- Zara, fur bag- Pull & Beer, killer heels- Spring by Aldo.
So sorry for the lack of updates.
I have so much to show you and share but I dont want to blow up this post so i'm going to do this one after one :)
This Tuesday the Lanvin collection for H&M is arriving in Israel and I keep dreaming about the leopard pumps from that collection- its the only thing I want right now.
But there is a big chance that I'm not going to own them :-(
In Israel, there is only one branch that is going to sale those items, and I have a chance of 1:10000 to buy my lovely heels.
GOD its so sad!!!

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Maryjane said...

I love the leopard bedding, I want it!

Maryjane xoxo