out of hand

I was photographed yesterday to an competition for a clothing store (Castro), I was walking to just brose cloths in the store and suddnly girl came out to me and asked me if I want to take part of this competition.
I was wearing head to tow their cloths and a photographer tokk my picture- the photo in not avliable yet so I'm wating for it- as soon when i'll get it i'll show you guys :-)
wish me luck

t-shirt and bag- pull & bear, shorts- No name, sandals- spain.


Anonymous said...

Hi i'm a new follower from England:)
I didn't know that Israel is sooo nice, beautiful place, weather.
And your house is gorgeous! I wish you posted more photos of your house outside and inside just to admire:)
and some more photos of just the beautiful (for you just simple everyday) views of Israel you see everyday, would you? please:)

Stefani said...

great outfit!
nice blog you have here...follow you now:)



Anonymous- thnk you very much! i will post photos of my house and israel views :)

Stefani- thank you dear :)

Anonymous said...

I super love your top!!! Followed you! ;-)

Sherrie Cola said...

Loving this :)