big big big wish list for fall

In generally I dont like the Fall so much, its cold and the sun is setting to early, its hard to wake up in the morning and remove the blanket, not so fun.
But yet there is something about this season (and winter also) that makes me want to feel it already and be there with hot coco and a good movie, what is it? maybe its the reason i'm tired from the summer and from the spring style cause there is nothing new anymore.
But the Fall is behind the corner and here are my few wishes or more correct- my style for the up comming season- nude, camel, olive, grey, black, white, fur, feather, studs, glitter, leopard, leather, bows.
This is how my fall-winter 2010-2011 is going to look like, Cant wait :-)

all pictures from polyvore.com


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Compliments for your blog and pictures included, I invite you to see the photo blog,

Each week released a new album

Greetings from Italy


Lucy said...

Love all the clothes!!
Great article!!


Ivo Serentha and Friends- thank you, i'll visit your blog :)

Lucy- thanks!