ready for the weekend

Finally an update.
I was pretty busy those twe last months, but i'm already after it so I'm cool now.
I just wanted to share with you guys the fact that I'm about to get realesd from the army im month and a half- I cant wait anymore!
Those last two years was incredible and in the same breath wasn't. But I'm glad I joind the IDF (Israel Defence Force), but lets save the issue for the day I'll post about it.
Meanwhile, I'm keeping my mind open and trying to party as long as I can (and I have loooots of free time at home).
bodysuite- TwentyFourSeven, skirt- unknown boutique, gold belt- tnt, heels- marko.

XOXO, Hadar.

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Lara said...

congrats on the release, i'm sure it's bittersweet :)
lovely photo!

Lior Donskoy said...

מזמן לא הייתי פה,נחמד לחזור!
התמונה מהפוסט הקודם מדהימה

מוזמנת לבקר

Luísa Lión said...

great Outfit! love everything of it!!