walking down the street

Yesterday I went with my family to Tel-Aviv to find a dress for me to my sister's wedding, and I found the perfect one!
We walked so much till my feet hurt, becouse of that the first picturs were with the sandals i went out with and the pink flats were the new shoes i bought that day.
something funny happend to me that day, I'm walking down the street and some nice girl with a camera started shooting me, i'm a little bit emberased but than i'm asking her why she taking pictures of me and she clamied the she is from some fashion school and she is looking for people who dreesing well and she says that she liked how i dressed and that i'm pretty, I was so flattered, that was nice

jeans jacket, tights- tnt, blouse- zara, sandals- spain somewhere, pink flats- odem, purse- tfs.

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rk hall said...

I love the show change! .. and your skin is amazing btw!

xx rk


Nicole Jarecz said...

i love your jean jacket - i need to get one!!


היי מאמי יש לי פוסט חדש, את מוזמנת לראות ♥

fuschiaaa said...

Beautiful and love the jacket.