my dream is to fly

So I haven't told you yet about my decision to share with you my pursuit after my dream: being inside the fashion industry and under the flash lights- if its in modeling, or being a talent in tv, or to do what i really love- styling and publicity.
Its really hard to even try doing all that and to be in the army as well- but lucky me i'm getting released on August 2010. can't wait.
I'm going to auditions when i can, and i love it- I even got in to a swimsuit campaign.
Last Thursday was completely exhausting, I had one meeting with the military people and after that I went to two auditions: one for a model agency and the other one is for a reality program in tv.
I hope to get some answers soon, and i need more auditions.
Good luck for me :-)

XOXO, Hadar.

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Love Of Fashion said...

good luck becoming a model! i hope you reach your dreams!! love your blog!


Melanie M said...

I LOVE the color of your hair! You totally look likeyou should be a model! :)


marina said...

ואוו בהצלחה עם האודישנים! מקווה שהלך טוב..
אין ספק שהשילוב בברנז'ה קשה, אבל נראה שיש לך רצון ולוק, ואני בטוחה שילך לך!
חג שמייח!

snoblak said...

That sounds great !! Good for you. Wow I can't imagine if military service where interrupting my modeling career. Well, that;s good to know you got the swimsuit campaign. Hope it all goes well. :-)


thank you girls very much :)

fuschiaaa said...

Love the photograph. You look stunning.