i love flowers and N97

Too bad I have only one of them right now.
My Nokia (N97) is gone! I'm so sad and I couldn't stop crying...
I guess someone stole it from my purse last night at the party. I just cant belive people acting that way its so low.

This pic is from last friday when i was happy, yesturday was fun too and I took lots of pictures in my new cell but since its stolen I dont have what to upload now.

body stocking- yoop.

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Mary said...

Wow, I'm so sorry. That sucks especially since it was new phone (and a good one at that too!). On the plus side, you look great! it looks like the guy behind you thinks so too, because he's staring at you ;)

Katharina said...

that's awful! i'm so sorry that happened, people can be so cruel.
you look very beautiful, though. you have a great look :)
hope your phone shows up!!

Nubiasnonsense said...

I love your floral print and I'm really sorry about the phone =(