Blond turned Brown

Yesturday I dyied my hair to a very dark kind of blond... whatever- it just turned to be brown!
I paniced to realize that i'm not blond anymore but in second thought I saw that its not too bad, its kind of pretty actually.

I celebrated a friend's birthday yesturday and it was so much fun!
here is what I wore..

top- tnt, skirt & pumps- zara.

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Mary said...

Your hair colour is unique, so no, I wouldn't say it's a disappointment at all =) I like that you're not afraid to wear colours. I also like that your outfit is not matchy matchy. I just realized your lip colour matches your tube top. Cool!

thischicksgotstyle said...


Katharina said...

love the blog, and you look beautiful here!!

vicen said...

Hi Hadar, nice look.
I wish you luck.

Faridah said...

Your hair colour looks great! It really suits you.

Nubiasnonsense said...

Love the skirt and the color looks nice on you =)


Mary- thanks :) I actually wanted to wear light lip color becouse of my new hair color so i thought about this cute pink and it ended up matching the top lol.

thanks everyone i appreciate youe comments and i'm glad that you like my new hair color :)