cardigan- golf, blouse, tights, shoes, bag- pull & bear.
אני ממש אוהבת את הקרדיגן הזה, קניתי אותו לפני שנתיים ורק עכשיו אני מוצאת לו שימוש!
I really love this cardigan, i bought it two years ago and now i finally find it usefull.


Comsat Keith said...

Hi Hadar, nice to see you again. Yes, you're getting some good use out of that pretty cardie if your blog is anything to go by. I like your top also. You're looking very relaxed in the first shot - and lovely too. By the way, are you sure you've got the right term for your legwear? In this post and the last one I noticed you listing it as "tights", but it really looks like leggings to me - so I wasn't sure if you had the right word.


i dont know about the tights, you can call it whatever you want... in hebrew its just the same word..
I feel you're trying to insult me with your responed and i dont like it, correct me if i'm wrong.

Comsat Keith said...

Gosh, no of course I wasn't trying to insult you Hadar. I was only trying to be helpful on a small point, thinking that you might have had the wrong translation. My comment was completely friendly, like the two I left on earlier posts recently, which you responded to very pleasantly. You have no need to worry about anything from me.

Mary said...

You look great Hadar =) Love the ensemble!
PS - I have a very similar top

Mary said...

PPS - That bag is amazing! I love the super long fringes