jacket and pumps- Pull & bear, sweater- tnt, tights- lucci, bag- zara.

בוקר טוב! מה אתם אומרים על תיק הפרווה שלי? אני ממש אוהבת אותו והוא גם מזכיר לי את הכלבה שלי חח..
הציגו אותי היום באתר LOOK 10 הספרדי וזה ממש נחמד, קיבלתי גם פרס

Good morning! what do you think of my fur bag? isn't it cute? it reminds me my dog Chanel. lol
Well, today Vicen from LOOK 10 featured me in his site and it looks great, thanks a lot!
i got an Award too :)


vicen said...

Thank you very much for your comment, you look very elegant.
Happy weekend.

Francuzeczka said...

great bag ;)
i was thinking about buying it for a long time but i changed my mind

anyway, you look chic

Nerdic.. said...

I love your sunnies! I said that before haven't I? Haha!
Anyway your pumps look cute too, I have been looking for a pair like that for a long time.
X, fashionnerdic

Alex Dom said...


vicen said...

You are in my BLOG ROLL.


thanks everyone :)

M. and O. said...

News on http://daily-women.blogspot.com

New post by Mariam.B, his digital camera is break so she took photos with her mobile !
Come on and see her post :) see ya

kendal croix said...

love love love that purse.

bisou-joue said...

Great outfit ! I love your white fur bag !!

Mary said...

Great look! I love the leggings with the blue jacket. Love the hair by the way =)

Faridah said...

I love your style!