blouse- tnt, skirt- pola raxa, sandals- somewhere in spain, bag- vintage.

Finally an update.
i know i'm a terrible bloger, i need to take more photos of what i'm wearing..
and i have to admit that i'm getting dressed only on weekends, the rest of the week i'm on uniforms (dont ask me why..it supposed to be end in August 2010).

Have a great saturday :-)


Zoey said...

very simple and adorable :)
like that bag

T. said...

That door is so stylish, it's studded! LMAO
Uhm... sorry, had to. You are also cute.

מ. said...

אחלה לוק, נדלקתי במיוחד על התכשיטים שלך! :)

Jenny said...

simple but class, very stylish!
xoxo from France